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Full-Day Discovery: Fish Village, Lan Ha Bay, Ha Long Bay & Viet Hai Village Boat Tour

The Experience

If you enjoy an active tour, join us for a trek through the rainforest, cycle to explore the daily life in Viet Hai, a remote village in the middle of Cat Ba National Park. Experience the beauty of Lan Ha Bay, swim at a secluded beach, and kayak to less-visited areas for a private view of the exotic scenery.

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Lan Ha Bay, an extension of Long Bay, is situated southeast of Cat Ba Town. Boasting 300 karst islands and limestone outcrops, it rivals the beauty of Halong Bay and offers pristine white-sand beaches. The bay is a haven for marine life, hosting 200 fish species, 500 mollusk species, and 400 arthropod species. Larger marine animals, such as seals and dolphins, inhabit the area.

Lan Ha Bay remains less explored than Halong Bay, ensuring a more secluded beauty. Numerous undiscovered bays, gulfs, and caves add to its allure. For activities like snorkeling, swimming, rock climbing, fishing, sailing, and kayaking, Cat Ba Town is the ideal starting point, as fewer tourist boats venture into the pristine waters of Lan Ha Bay.

Viet Hai Village, nestled in Cat Ba, is a quaint farming community surrounded by the lush jungles and towering mountain ranges of Cat Ba National Park, within Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. Situated approximately 18 km from Cat Ba Island, this charming village, once secluded from the outside world, has become an increasingly popular destination for foreign tourists.

To access Viet Hai Village, travelers embark on an 8km trek, passing Frog Lake (Ho Ech) en route to the coastal settlement. The village was traditionally self-sufficient, resembling the primitive lifestyles of ancient civilizations, which has intrigued foreign visitors and contributed to its growing popularity. In recent years, especially with the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve designation for Cat Ba Archipelago, thousands of tourists have trekked through mountains, jungles, and springs to explore this unique attraction. The allure lies in the village’s untamed setting within the Biosphere Reserve and Cat Ba National Park.

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