The Absolute Ladakh Experience

The Absolute Ladakh Experience

Ladakh is not a country, but a mountainous region within the state of Jammu and Kashmir in Northern India. Many travelers want to learn about Ladakh travel because the region has a culture and geography unique from other India travel destinations. Absolute Travel has Ladakh travel tips for those interested in touring India or visiting Ladakh exclusively. If you are interested in the Himalayas and exploring Tibetan Buddhist cultures, then Ladakh travel information may be just what you’re looking for.

Learn about Ladakh and travel to the Hemis Monastery, the best-known and biggest gompa in Ladakh. Embrace the architecture and scenery of Lamayuru, where the spectacularly picturesque, and possibly the oldest, monastery will leave you awestruck. The Ridzong Monastery and Alchi Monastery are also full of spiritual intrigue and beautiful places to visit. Explore Stok Palace and Choglamsar, the largest settlement of Tibetan refugees in Ladakh, and a great place to try some meditation for yourself.

If you travel in late June and early July, you will be fortunate to see Ladakh bloom with vibrant festivals, some which only come about every twelve years. Another wonderful option is the classic Markha Valley trek, for an in-depth experience of the personality and heritage of Ladakh. Enjoy a thorough exploration of the Shankar and Thiksey monasteries, and spend a night in Uleytopko in a fixed tented camp. Adventurous travelers should consider an overland trekking journey through many small villages and monasteries, for a fulfilling and transcendent experience amidst the Himalayan landscape.

Luxury travel in Ladakh is unlike anything else and Absolute Travel has all the Ladakh travel information to guide you through this mysterious and breathtaking land. Learn about Ladakh travel or inquire about all that India and the Himalayas have to offer!

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