Solo Travel Tours

Solo Travel Tours

Our solo travel tours provide an abundance of freedom, flexibility, and time for reflection. We understand and appreciate the solo traveler—traveling by ourselves is one of our favorite ways to see the world because it allows you to see and do everything on your terms. Traveling solo does not need to be intimdiating–we think traveling by yourself is one of life’s greatest privileges. You can explore Machu Picchu for an extra hour or extra day, indulge in as many beach massages in Bali as you want, dance the night away with new friends in Shanghai, or even spend a few days in a precious state of silence in Namibia’s stark desert. We’ve visited the most far-flung corners of the world traveling alone, so we know how to put together solo travel tours that are exciting, inspiring, and hassle-free.

Solo Travel Tours | Luxury Solo Vacations

Every one of Absolute Asia’s solo travel tours is built from scratch. Our solo vacation itineraries are curated to suit your energy level and interests, and to satisfy every ounce of wanderlust a solo traveler could have. There are so many exciting travel options out there! We can send you into the heart of pulsing cities such as Rio, Dakar, and Fez, or high into the mountains of Japan, Ecuador, and Tanzania. If you want to focus your journey around something like music, food, hiking, yoga, or art, we will create solo travel vacation that includes unique experiences such as concerts, cooking and yoga classes, and private tours of museums or galleries. Traveling solo should be celebrated!
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Absolute’s expertise in the field of customized vacations makes us the perfect company for the solo traveler. Our recommendations are firsthand and the network of guides and people we connect you to are our friends. While solo adventure travel may seem daunting, we will show you how liberating and special solo travel tours can be.

Here are some of our favorite places to take solo travel tours and our favorite experiences from them:

• Nepal: Spend a day with Pancha, an extremely talented and well-respected 82-year-old metal statue-maker in Patan, Kathmandu. The craftsmen in Patan are considered the best artisans in the world for handmade bronze and gold Buddhas. This is a wonderful opportunity for the solo traveler who is interested in traditional art.
• India: One of our most unique solo travel tours brings you to Jaipur, where you’ll meet a well-known healing expert. Over the course of five days you’ll practice pranic healing, meditation, and learn how to access your past lives. This is one of our most spiritual solo travel tours.
• South Africa: This is for the solo traveler who likes to ride. Tour South Africa’s coastlines with renowned surfer Dr. Mark Middleton, who provides special access to Cape Town’s local surf spots. Continue to Port Elizabeth, where 2008 South Africa Champion Shaun Payne will help you navigate the swells with pride.
• Peru: Reach Machu Picchu the traditional way, on a five-day hike of the lush Inca Trail. We’ll connect you with an expert guide who will make your trip to this ancient wonder exhilarating and comfortable. You’ll trek through gorgeous valleys and thick jungles, enjoy hearty and delicious dinners by the fire, and spend your nights gazing at the brightest stars you’ve ever seen. A fantastic trip for the solo traveler.

We love planning solo travel tours. Call us and we’ll discuss our customizable solo travel packages and create one that’s perfect for you. Traveling by yourself is a wonderful thing!

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