Luxury Adventure Travel

Our Active Adventure travel journeys are some of the most exciting and rewarding adventure vacations you can take. They bring you to unspoiled and remote destinations, allow you to explore indigenous and traditional cultures, and provide endless opportunities to ratchet up your adrenaline with adventure travel sports such as trekking, heli-skiing, and sailing. While adventure travel can certainly be “extreme,” you may be surprised by the leisurely nature of some of our private adventure vacations, all of which can customized to meet your unique needs. While adventure tours like trekking to see Uganda’s mountain gorillas is challenging, taking a boat cruise through the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil is not.

Navigating the Zambezi’s class-five rapids will make you scream with delight, but strolling through the violet mountains of southern Iran will merely make you sigh in appreciation of their beauty. You may think that adventure travel isn’t for you, but if you’re interested in getting off-the-beaten-path and exploring the natural beauty of the world, our adventure vacations may be just what you’re looking for. Though sometimes the accommodations are rustic, we’re certain you’ll find these adventure travel experiences rich in so many other ways. Many of our clients end up discovering that one of the most rewarding parts of an adventure journey is eating by the fire at the end of the day.

Our outdoor adventure travel tours take you to a diverse range of far-flung sites, and they’ll appeal to many different interests. The Silk Road Journey and Highlights of Persia are fantastic adventure vacations for everyone, but especially for culture buffs, as they immerse you in the storied history of these enchanting regions. Brazil is an ideal adventure travel destination for people who wants to spend their vacation in a constant state of motion—you can paraglide over Rio, hike through the Amazon, dive Noronha Archipelago’s protected reefs, and learn capoeira on the beach with martial arts masters. Adventure vacations in Bhutan or Nepal provide breathtaking trekking opportunities at all levels, and their incredibly rich Buddhist cultures may even inspire you to take your adventure travel inwards.

Some of our most popular adventure travel journeys include:

Trekking to see Uganda’s wondrous, and highly endangered, mountain gorillas, and meeting world-renowned veterinarian and conservationist Dr. Gladys Kalema‐Zikusoka, who will give you a tour her Gorilla Research Clinic and discuss her vital work. This is an adventure travel experience you’ll never forget.

Cheering on contestants at traditional horse racing events at Mongolia’s famous Naadam festival, and then exploring the country’s vast, grassy plains and colorful deserts on a horse of your own.

Stepping into your cramp-ons and hiking across the icy-blue expanse of Patagonia’s Perito Moreno Glacier. You’ll feel like you’re in another world, or maybe on another planet.

Walking through the lushly forested banks of Papua New Guinea’s Karawari River, where you’ll see, and hear, the endlessly abundant wildlife, and visit the wooden villages nestled against the river’s shores and meet the traditional tribes people who live there. Papua New Guinea is perfect for adventure tours—it’s still off most traveler’s radars, and is overflowing with tropical splendor.

We’d love to plan an adventure vacation for you that you’ll never forget. Get in touch with one of our luxury travel specialists and tell them what you want to do—they’ll take care of everything else.

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