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This popular tour of Angkor’s many highlights begins with an afternoon visit to Ta Kaeo, one of the lesser known temples within the Angkor complex. The view from atop is incredible, and you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the ruins before returning to your hotel. Rise early the following morning for the sunset over Angkor Wat, unquestionably one of the wonders of the ancient world. Erected before 1150 AD, this temple-complex represents one of the most intricate and dramatic religious structures ever built by man. Continue to Angkor Thom and the Temple of Bayon, a tremendous multi-towered temple covered with gargantuan heads depicting the king as a Bodhisattva, or Buddhist deity of compassion. Continue to Preah Khan, before a mid-day rest and lunch back at your hotel. Spend the afternoon at Banteay Srei, considered by many to be the jewel in Angkor’s crown. In the evening, attend a traditional Cambodian dance performance. The following day visit Ta Prohm, many travelers’ favorite temple. Next, visit a nearby arts organization where you will have an opportunity to meet local artisans and participate in a traditional pottery class. Conclude your day with a leisurely picnic lunch at some of the lesser known ruins outside of town, the Rolous Group. You may also choose to tour additional temples if you wish—there are around 100 temples in Angkor complex. Gain a unique perspective on the ruins from a tethered balloon ride or take a quick visit to the Old Market, before transferring to the airport for your departure flight.

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